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Start up. Call it a Starter, or label it 'Start up'. The choice doesn't matter: a start-up has to get started once. That's an open door, you might say. True, but that door is often open without being used. So why the hesitation, the procrastination?

From one side, there is that dream, that desire. From the other the seeing the possibilities, the belief in feasibility. That 'faith' is often on the pilot light. Calm down, see first. Quite right, of course. Only as long as you don't make a start, you won't start and you won't see anything.

Of course, it has everything to do with yourself and then often not even your qualities, talents, skills. It is uncomfortable, to become part - with yourself - of something you dreamed about from a distance. You set sail for the horizon. You're not really used to that. Even if you start the venture with several people: everyone feels the relative heaviness of accountability. You start taking steps. Preferably many small steps, some bigger ones too. And all those steps, or a significant number of them, take you towards that dreamed-of horizon.

You already feel what the next bit is about: preparation, preparation, preparation. Not infinitely, but as much as possible.

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