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About us - Relationship coach Dimitar and senior coach Esther over coffee together

Who we are

How nice of us to introduce ourselves to you and learn a little more about CoachingMatch can tell. We are Esther and Dimitar, the founders of CoachingMatch. Both in business and private life, we are partners with each other and share the same passion: helping people with their problems.

How did CoachingMatch come about and what can we do for you

Relationship coach Dimitar and senior coach Esther in front of the barn

In our lives, we have faced many difficult situations. From financial challenges to divorces, all sorts of things have come our way. Much of this we have had to solve ourselves, and that certainly wasn't always easy. Fortunately, we also know how a coach can make a difference and we want to share that with you.

When we met, we were already looking for a way to help other people. Esther wanted to offer a shoulder to older people struggling with physical and/or mental problems, such as loneliness and bereavement. Dimitar wanted to be more meaningful to people with relationship problems. So we did several coaching trainings: Esther the Senior Coach and Grief Counselling courses and Dimitar the Relationship Coach course.

Relationship coach Dimitar and senior coach Esther

With our professional approach and proven coaching programmes, we can help many people, including internationally.

But besides our own coaching sectors, we thought it would be really nice to be able to help people who are struggling with a different kind of issue. For example, people struggling with burnout, people with depression, work problems, etc.

Therefore, we have CoachingMatch founded, our coaching platform where coaches and potential clients are matched. On the one hand, it offers CoachingMatch clients the support they need to work towards a positive and happy future. On the other hand, it gives CoachingMatch the coaches a platform where they can help clients with their services.

At CoachingMatch you are not alone! Get in touch with us and together we will set out to achieve YOUR goals.


Kind regards,

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