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Fred Willemsen-Guldemeester (Leiden)

NLP Coach in Leiden - Fred Willemsen-Guldemeester

NLP Coach in Leiden

Fred Willemsen-Guldemeester is our qualified NLP Coach in Leiden. Besides NLP coaching, Fred specialises in Communication Styles, DISC, Systemic Work, Transactional Analysis and Solution Focused Work. In addition, he not only works as an NLP Coach in Leiden, but also carries out his multifaceted specialisations nationwide, through online coaching.

Meet our NLP Coach in Leiden, Fred Willemsen-Guldemeester, below and see what he can do for you personally.

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Who am I

I have been walking the earth as Fred since 1981. My curiosity was there from an early age. So were the experiences with my environment that sometimes looked at things differently. So I learned at an early age to "think before I act", to strive for perfection, to rely on the directions of others while feeling that another direction suited me better.

My experiences and choices, besides frustration, of course also brought a lot of good. It led me to very successfully graduate from high school, complete my graphic design & education studies, a hobby as a (I might add) good amateur dramatist, a well-paid job as a senior employee in the customer service department of a large insurance company, a marriage and a house to buy.

And...I am more than just Fred, the (with Sander) married man. Through my curiosity, I have discovered and learnt a lot. The 18 years I worked in Customer Service gave me many insights about (non)verbal communication. Knowing that there is still more to un-discover.

In 1 of the phases of my exploration in this life, I came into contact with NLP. This made me want to propagate my vision and mission even more from my own Talent and in freedom. And lo and behold: the birth of Welcome Passion! Because others also deserve not to go looking for themselves.

As a compassion coach, I assist you to connect the parts within you. Compassion (heart) as a key to create space for courage (underbelly) allowing creativity (head) to flow.

What can you expect from me

As a guide, I make visible what is there through which compassion and connection grow. With yourself and everything around you. I mainly help the "invisible" employee, coach and therapist. The creative thinker between 30 and 55 years old who gets stuck in his or her (work) life. In your search, I provide original and practical tools. This helps you find more self-knowledge and meaning(s) in life.

I bring clarity and connection. I quickly get an overall picture and my sensitivity allows me to get to the core. In doing so, I reflect and ask questions to challenge you to get to the essence.
I think creatively. Is it appropriate? Then I shape it tangibly and creatively. For example, by using a work form or
I make a drawing. Your present talents and challenges then become visible. This deepening helps you take a step towards your development goal.

Be welcome to grow through wonder!

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