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Joris van der Bijl (Hilversum)

Life coach in Hilversum, Joris van der Bijl

Life coach in Hilversum

Joris van der Bijl is our qualified Life coach in Hilversum, located at postal code 1214 LW. Besides Life coaching, Joris is also highly specialised in Stress and Burn-out coaching, Mental coaching, Career coaching, Business coaching, as well as in Personal effectiveness and communication. So he not only works as a Life coach in Hilversum but he is also active nationwide in carrying out his multifaceted specialisations. Besides Dutch as his mother tongue, he is also fluent in English and German. Meet Joris van der Bijl below and see what he can do for you personally.

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Who am I

Mobilising people, making plans and executing them, I have been doing this very actively since high school and during my studies afterwards. During my studies, the emphasis was on management & organisation.

My passion is to help people grow and achieve a positive outcome, individually or with others. By asking questions that another person does not ask, helping to get things clear. Discussing issues in a "negotiable, friendly way". Safely and in a trusted environment.

I have a friendly and businesslike personality, have humour, I am bright, can listen well, I am analytical and sharp. I have a coaching style of collaboration, am creative, solution-oriented and down-to-earth. My goal is to help you.

What can you expect from me

Lots of real attention and that I help you with the real question you have. Not with a trick but by exploring together who you really are and what your real needs are. Who you are as an autonomous person and how, in your old age, you want to look back on your life with satisfaction.

Many clients give back that my coaching has brought them more than they expected. Want to discover your potential and positively change your life? Then take the leap and contact me to reach your goal(s) together.

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