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Mental coach in Amsterdam

Louke Spigt is our qualified Mentalcoach in Amsterdam. In addition to mentalcoaching, she practices grief coaching, as well as systemic, autobiographical and creative work. Louke is not only a Mentalcoach, but she is also a private city guide, artist and crea teacher in schools and libraries. Besides Dutch as her mother tongue, she is fluent in English.

Meet our Mentalcoach in Amsterdam, Louke Spigt below and see what she can do for you.

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Who am I

Raised by two therapists, therapy was literally instilled in me from the very beginning. Years of experience in coaching and counselling and now I've got my papers. I am the kind of person to whom people like to tell everything right away, even in a tram or at a party. But also take that chance to explain that the key lies with yourself and nowhere else.

I am not only a coach, but also a private city guide, an artist and a creativity teacher in schools and libraries. I get a lot of satisfaction from all these pursuits and notice huge benefits from all these experiences when coaching. Below, you can watch the report made about me on AT5-TV.

TV report on mental coach Louke Spigt

Walking is easy to talk to and so is crafting, so I often coach outdoors or with markers and paper. But the words of my favourite therapist are definitely equally important: only meet with me when you are not doing well, when you are happy you should just enjoy yourself.

What can you expect from me

If you fall just outside the norm or get stuck in your grief. Or just want to untangle yourself for a while, I am here for you. My outlook can probably offer you just that solution that makes you suddenly see things again. I have a light-hearted, creative unconventional way of communicating and also like to work with colour.

I am patient and prefer to meet up only if you are actually stuck. Then we can schedule a walk or talk on the phone. Do you have any questions? Then contact me without obligation and I will be happy to help you.

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