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Liselotte Vrielink (Online dating and relationship coach)

Dating and relationship coach for single women - Liselotte Vrielink

Dating and relationship coach for single women

Liselotte Vrielink is our qualified Online Dating and Relationship Coach for single women. She is based in Tenerife (Spain). Through online coaching, she supports single women who want to break through dating/relationship struggles to make big steps towards the relationship they do want.

In addition to her Date and Relationship coaching, Liselotte specialises in:

  • Systemic work, such as family constellations.
  • Donor support: coaching for donor children and parents of a child conceived by a donor.
  • More self-confidence and assertiveness.

Meet our dating and relationship coach for single women, Liselotte Vrielink and see what she can do for you personally.

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Who am I

My name is Liselotte. I provide online coaching from Tenerife. I moved there to make my dreams and goals come true. Before, I didn't think I would dare to do this. That quiet, shy, insecure girl I used to be is now a powerful, warm, empathetic woman, going for her dreams and goals. I myself like to invest in personal development. In turn, I like to share valuable tools with others.

What can you expect from me

Are you a single woman longing for a deep relationship! But... so far you keep getting stuck in the same dating/relationship patterns? You want to break these, you just don't know how yet. Read on below for some good news :)

Are you motivated to break your patterns and make great strides towards the relationship you truly desire! I am happy to support you.

Perhaps you've tried all sorts of things, but just can't seem to get past your struggles? Frustrating isn't it! I had that too... I invested so much in personal development and yet I kept getting stuck in the same patterns.... UNTIL I finally found ways to break these struggles and make big steps towards what I do want.

My vision

It doesn't have to take years to finally break your patterns. Other motivated women made great strides in a few conversations with me. I grant you the same!

I have enjoyed supporting others for many years. My background includes psychologist, systemic work coach (such as family constellations), NLP coach. But what I myself actually find much more important besides degrees: connecting with the person in front of me and a personal approach.

Even though many women struggle with similar things in dating and relationships, everyone is different. That is why I like to create a Personal Approach for you; I like to use tools that fit YOUR struggle and goal. My strengths include being intuitively strong and being able to sense what suits the person before me.

Some examples

Some examples of what I myself have switched in relationships (+ also many others I have supported):

  • Breaking separation anxiety.
  • From many insecurities in dating/relationships > to considerable growth in self-confidence at a deeper level.
  • From pleading and poorly indicating boundaries > to knowing what I can say and do to indicate boundaries in a clear, respectful way.
  • From giving a lot and being bad at receiving > to a balance in giving-receiving.
  • From not knowing what I really care about > to knowing very clearly what I really want in a relationship.
  • From over-analysing a lot in dating/relationships, to feeling much calmer in this.

Are you motivated to break through your dating/relationship struggles? To take big steps towards the relationship you so long for? I would love to support you.

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