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Natasja van Loenen (Eemnes)

Assertiveness coach in Eemnes. Natasja van Loenen

Assertiveness coach in Eemnes

Natasja van Loenen is our qualified Assertiveness coach in Eemnes. Besides Assertiveness coaching, Natasja specialises in many more coaching areas, such as Career coaching, Stress and burn-out coaching, Leadership, Personal effectiveness and Talent development.

In addition, she not only works as an Assertiveness coach in Eemnes, but also carries out her multifaceted specialisations in the provinces of North Holland and Utrecht. To the rest of the country, she offers her coaching services online.

Meet our Assertiveness coach Natasja van Loenen below and see what she can do for you personally.

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Who am I

I am Natasja van Loenen. Since childhood, I have been fascinated and inspired by human behaviour and connection. People are therefore a common thread in my career.

As a 16-year-old girl, I started my training as a caregiver in a nursing home for people with dementia. Here I discovered that even the sometimes hard-to-understand behaviour of this target group, had causes and triggers. Fortunately, it could also be influenced; the behaviour was not always there.

This fascination caused me to develop further in guiding behavioural change. First as a manager, later as a teacher and coach. Meanwhile, I have been working as an independent coach and trainer for over 10 years.

What can you expect from me

I work with professionals searching for their place inside or outside the organisation. People who are bumping up against walls or feel there is more to it. I help you develop a more assertive basic attitude, from which you can stand firmer and make more conscious choices. I help you by getting clarity in your mind, but also by providing practical tools that enable lasting change.

To do this, I deploy a wide range of tools, many from the power-based viewpoint. This means that it is focused on the future and must be practical. I like to support these with elements from ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), which will permanently increase your psychological flexibility and also make it easier to cope with future challenges.

Are you ready for a transformation in your life? Together, we will discover your full potential and achieve your goals faster than ever. Contact me now and let's make a beautiful change in your life path together.

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