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Junior Bootcamp after-school activity - CoachingMatch

CoachingMatch offers a unique after-school activity: the Junior Bootcamp. It is an experience where students push their limits, develop new skills and have fun. The focus is not only on physical sports, but also on personal development, self-confidence, teamwork skills and perseverance. It can be a valuable addition to after-school activities as it promotes pupils' sportsmanship, healthy lifestyles, mental growth and social skills. The aim is to create a mindset in children that is stronger, smarter and more social.

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What makes Junior Bootcamp so special?

It stands for more than sports.

  • It is an all-encompassing experience where students learn to push their limits, develop new skills and most importantly, have fun.
  • At a time when screen time often dominates, this programme offers a welcome change and a chance to be active in the fresh outdoors or in the gym.

Let your students enter the world of sportsmanship, skill development, fun and growth after school with our Junior Bootcamp!

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