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HSP/HB coaching

Children sitting in class during an HSP/HB coaching session

Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 children are highly sensitive (HSP) and 2 to 3% highly gifted (HB)? These pupils have specific needs and challenges that are not always adequately addressed in mainstream education. But you can change that!

Offer your pupils (after-)school coaching sessions specifically aimed at high sensitivity and giftedness. This gives these children the extra support they need to flourish and learn to deal with their high sensitivity and giftedness. Our experienced coaches help them discover and develop their unique qualities.

Requesting (after)school coaching

By making this valuable investment in your students, you make them feel better understood and supported. They learn to cope with overstimulation, perfectionism and fear of failure. And they discover how to make the most of their sensitivity, creativity and analytical thinking skills. Give your highly sensitive and gifted pupils this opportunity and register your school via the form below for the coaching sessions of CoachingMatch!

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