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Are you looking for an inspiring after-school activity for the students at your school? Then Creative Writing is really recommended! CoachingMatch has experienced coaches/writers who come to inspire and guide the next generation of writers at your school. Creative Writing as an after-school activity offers pupils a creative outlet, improves their communication skills, increases their self-confidence and stimulates their imagination. We arrange everything for you, you just need to request the activity.

Requesting an after-school activity

Why Creative Writing as an after-school activity?

It has numerous advantages!

  • It helps you improve your communication skills, boost your creativity and promote self-expression.
  • It improves your reading skills, vocabulary and grammar.
  • It is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings and you can even pursue a career in writing.

Register your school for this (after-)school activity and create an environment for your students where creativity can flourish and writers of all levels can grow!

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