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Theatre is a great way to express and develop yourself. At CoachingMatch we believe that theatre as an after-school activity helps young people improve their acting skills and learn valuable life lessons. It fosters friendship, cooperation and social skills. You not only develop acting skills, but also leadership, empathy and self-confidence. Our team of experienced coaches offers personal attention and there is a role for everyone, both those who want to be on stage and those who prefer to work behind the scenes.

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Why Theatre as an after-school activity?

It's not just about being on stage.

  • It is a shared experience that fosters friendship and cooperation.
  • It improves young people's social skills.
  • Rehearsing together, sharing emotions and supporting each other's performances create a unique bond.
  • You learn not only from your coaches and fellow players, but also from the character you play.

Sign up your school and let your students discover the limitless possibilities of theatre. It is their moment to shine!

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