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Musical after-school activity - CoachingMatch

Musical as an after-school activity encourages teamwork, social skills, self-confidence and self-expression. At CoachingMatch there is room for everyone to discover and develop their unique skills and our expert coaches will guide you throughout the adventure. Let your students discover their creative potential, build friendships and grow in self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

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Why Musical as an After-School Activity?

  • It combines singing, dancing, acting and storytelling in one explosive package of art and expression.
  • It is not only enormous fun, but also incredibly valuable for students' personal development and talent development.
  • By participating in our musical productions, you will work with other enthusiastic students to create something magical.
  • This not only promotes teamwork and social skills but also boosts self-confidence and self-expression.

Don't miss this opportunity and let your school be part of our inspiring and transformative after-school activity. Let your students bring their story to life on our stage!

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