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Crea-Kanjers, crafting children, after-school activity at Coachingmatch

Are you looking for an after-school activity where creativity knows no limits? Then register your school for Crea-Kanjers, the after-school activity of CoachingMatch. Here, your students will have the opportunity to discover and showcase their creative potential. Besides stimulating creativity, they also learn essential skills such as cooperation, problem solving and improve their fine motor skills. It is a place where friendships blossom in an environment where children can be themselves.

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Why Crea-Kanjers?

It is not just an after-school activity.

  • It is an adventure into the world of creative thinking and doing.
  • At a time when screens often dominate, it offers a refreshing dip into physical creation and expression.
  • This programme has been carefully designed to not only stimulate creativity, but also develop essential skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Register your school for Crea-Kanjers today and let your students embark on an adventure in creativity and talent development!

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