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Chess as an after-school activity - CoachingMatch

Are you ready to enter the world of chess and sharpen your mind? CoachingMatch introduces chess as an after-school activity, a great opportunity to combine strategic thinking, fun and personal development. It stimulates brain development, strengthens strategic thinking, develops social skills and, above all, is incredibly fun.

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Why Chess as an after-school activity?

It is not just a game.

  • It is an adventure that takes you on a journey of discovery, strategic thinking and personal development.
  • It is an after-school activity that goes beyond the ordinary, stimulating brain development in a way that is both challenging and highly satisfying.
  • With every move you make, you learn more about yourself, your opponent and the incredible potential of the human brain.

Don't miss this opportunity and let your students become part of an environment where fun, learning and personal development are key.

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