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Alpha Kids after-school activity - hand with letters Jesus Loves Me

Do you want to strengthen your students' faith foundation and introduce them to Biblical principles in a playful and musical way? CoachingMatch now offers Alpha Kids as an after-school activity. With our unique approach, we combine fun with learning, getting students excited about their faith journey. Our classes help them dive deeper into the Bible and make essential values their own. Our facilitators offer personal attention and use interactive techniques that connect with children's experiences.

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Why Alpha Kids with CoachingMatch?

  • Personal Attention: Our tutors are trained to personally assist each student in their spiritual growth.
  • Dynamic Lessons: No boring lectures here! We use interactive techniques that match children's perceptions.
  • Broad Curriculum: From creative work and fun songs to exciting Bible stories, our programme is rich in diversity and depth.

Register your school for Alpha Kids today and put your students on a strong faith foundation!

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